OEB was founded in 1926 in Lissone, borne out of the technical expertise of its founder Egidio Brugola, as a factory for producing washers, special engine rings and the like.

A few years later production was diversified and expanded to the fastener sector, beginning almost immediately to produce Hex Socket Bolts.

From a manufacturing aspect, the Founder’s love for mechanical stuff and technological challenges very soon brought the Company to cover highly qualified market areas, becoming in time one of the Leader Companies in the Fastener sector.

Our First Patent

Toward the end of the twenties Egidio Brugola began to manufacture hexagon socket head bolts, a type of bolt that already existed at the beginning of the century but that at the time was considered to be a very exotic product.

Brevetto brugola esagonale


Brugola OEB Industriale S.p.a. intends to consolidate its leadership as the best producer of fastening components for the automotive industry by achieving the following objectives of excellence and maintaining them constantly:



People, ideas, great passion, dedication and commitment.

Since 1926 a path of successes and innovations that have marked technological, cultural and qualitative progress.
Our commitment is made of great passion and values, characteristics that allow one to reach the most ambitious goals and dreams.