OEB was founded in 1926 in Lissone, borne out of the technical expertise of its founder Egidio Brugola, as a factory for producing washers, special engine rings and the like.

A few years later production was diversified and expanded to the fastener sector, beginning almost immediately to produce Hex Socket Bolts.

From a manufacturing aspect, the Founder’s love for mechanical stuff and technological challenges very soon brought the Company to cover highly qualified market areas, becoming in time one of the Leader Companies in the Fastener sector.

Searching for and achieving the highest quality has been OEB’s philosophy since the very beginning.

Our History: Brugola's History



  • 1926      Egidio Brugola founds OEB (Officine Egidio Brugola) Company

  • 1927      Mass production of hexagon recessed head bolts begins

  • 1945      Patent of the Hexagon Socket Head Bolt with Spiral shank
  • 1959      Egidio Brugola dies
  • 1964      Giannantonio Brugola becomes President of OEB
  • 1965      A phase of renewal begins for the Company in terms of production, 
                  organization and, most of all, sales and marketing

  • 1975      Egidio Brugola is officially acknowledged as the father of the invention patented in 1945
  • 1980      Production of special bolts for the Automotive industry begins
  • 1981      OEB introduces the principles of Zero Defects and Total Quality and
    becomes the sole supplier of engine head assembly bolts for the Volkswagen Group
  • 1993      Giannantonio Brugola patents the POLYDRIVE® bolt
  • 1994      The first year in which the whole production is reserved for the Automotive industry
  • 1996      OEB becomes the sole supplier of bolts for Ford's I4 engine
  • 2000      OEB introduces the concept of Single Plant Provider
  • 2003      The company obtains a European Patent for the POLYDRIVE® bolt
  • 2006       All engines from Ford Group Europe, including the new Jaguar V8 engine,
                   are assembled exclusively with OEB bolts.

                   The new fully-owned Logistic Center in Detroit, USA, is inaugurated.

  • 2008      Giannantonio Brugola becomes "Cavaliere del Lavoro" (Order of Merit for Labour)
  • 2011      Egidio Brugola junior, “Jody”, becomes Vicepresident of the Company
  • 2013      Company reaches a consolidated turnover of 125 million Euros
  • 2014      A new fully owned Logistic Center  is inaugurated in Desio
  • 2015      A new production plant is opened in Michigan (USA)