Brugola OEB Industriale S.p.a. intends to consolidate its leadership as the best producer of fastening components for the automotive industry by achieving the following objectives of excellence and maintaining them constantly:

  • Maximum customer satisfaction guaranteed by absolute reliability in quality, excellent service, strong competitiveness and excellent flexibility.
  • High and Consistent performance for all resources in order to maintain not only a level of extreme efficiency , but also of constant improvement.
  • Technological Innovation  understood as an essential and decisive factor for continuously optimizing the company's quality and productivity.
  • Continuous Improvement of our widely recognized excellent engineering skills and of our enormous  capacity for innovation and  development of increasingly advanced and sophisticated components.
  • Effective technological support aimed at solving all types of specific problems regarding the use of the various products.
  • Involvement and full commitment of all staff in the implementation of this project and goals.

With a strong belief in its values, the company has continued to evolve constantly, obtaining, throughout the years, important results which we are proud of.

We build our future with quality
and we defend it with our commitment, always.


Fact & Figures:

  • 4 Production Sites in Lissone – Italy
  • 1 Logistics Center in Desio - Italy
  • 1 Factory in Michigan - USA
  • 11 Logistics Centers in the World
  • 800 different types of bolts produced
  • 7 million bolts manufactured every day
  • 55 Customer Factories served in the world
  • More than 300 employees that contribute daily to the success of the Company
  • 125 million turnover in 2013
  • 100% Made in Italy, 100% Export