Our First Patent

Toward the end of the twenties Egidio Brugola began to manufacture hexagon socket head bolts, a type of bolt that already existed at the beginning of the century but that at the time was considered to be a very exotic product.

Brevetto brugola esagonale

Egidio Brugola began to produce this particular bolt, and believed so much in the product that he encouraged the writing of a specific and official rule of standardization for the hexagon socket head bolt, which brought him to file for a Patent years later.

Based on a brilliant intuition of his, Egidio Brugola, toward the end of 1945, submitted a patent for the Hexagon Socket Head Bolt  with "Spiral" Shank to the Patent and Trademark Office.

A type of bolt that provided a peculiar elasticity, guaranteeing very high holding and tightening capabilities in the motor industry.

This bolt was so revolutionary that it became widely used only 40 years later proving its inventor's vision, ingenuity and love for innovation, a man who was well ahead of his times.

Zingarelli def. Brugola

Brùgola [from the name of the
manufacturer Egidio Brugola] feminine noun
A hexagon socket head bolt

Devoto-Oli def. Brugola

brugola (brù-go-la) [From the name
of the inventor] feminine noun
Trade name of a hexagon socket head bolt

When Egidio Brugola began mass production of the hexagon socket head bolts, the product became rapidly and progressively identified with the name of the manufacturer, to such an extent that in Italy it is commonly known as "Brugola Bolt".

Just like Biro, Gillette, and Diesel, in Italy Egidio Brugola is one of the few to have given his name to an object of common use.