POLYDRIVE® is the most advanced and revolutionary driving system in fasteners history,
it's the evolution of the cylindrical head bolt with a hexagon socket.

Type of screw with a special dual purpose spline-shaped drive. Given the same applied force, it ensures more compactness and excellent driving using its specific key. Used for assemblies of critical parts in very compact modern engines, particularly for installing heads.

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Thanks to the special splined geometry, combines the highest transmissible torque with the possibility of using a normal hex key, thus embodying the concept of versatility.

Its undisputed superiority over all other key types on the market has been proven and confirmed by all major car manufacturers in the world as the best solution to successfully support the most critical fastening conditions.


The effectiveness of its simple form, however, is highly sophisticated and has been proved through various strength tests with millions of screwing cycles, performed by the most advanced laboratories across the world, that have confirmed unanimously the outstanding improvements in wrench duration, thus allowing substantial increases in productivity on assembly lines.

The effectiveness in reducing assembly costs is, consequently, one of the most important and vital factors that testify to its growing success and use.