Our Primary Objective is to pursue Excellence emphasizing Technological Innovation, skills and growth initiatives, to create Customer satisfaction.

Research & Development

In a sophisticated market and design context, we have gradually differentiated ourselves from other fastener producers thanks to some distinctive elements, such as:

  • a deep and constantly up to date knowledge of the car market.
  • a deep and constantly up to date knowledge of internal combustion engines, both in terms of their technical aspects and of future trends.
  • Leading edge research and development labs.

From an analysis of our Competitors worldwide, it stands out that only a few can come close to us in terms of our knowledge of cold pressing modern technologies; they, however, do not have those design and application skills specific to the car engine sector which make Brugola OEB Industriale so unique.

This tendency of engine technology and Brugola OEB Industriale's capacity and flexibility in anticipating the changing needs of the market, has led to our Company's success today, as fully manifested by the record level of products we supply worldwide and by the growing trend of our sales volumes.

Process Development

Strong investments to ensure we have an always up to date and leading edge industrial technology, both in terms of throughput and of cost optimization, and as a guarantee toward increasingly stringent quality requirements (0 ppm target).

Highly automated production and handling processes .
Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement as a mandatory guideline.
Unchanged zero defect philosophy.

Products Development

Research and Development oriented toward the future, with product and process solutions ahead of the times.

Customer Support

Total Customer care, working in a strong partnership with the Customer,  from the initial project, to managing development, to prototyping and testing, to validation, to industrialization, to sales and after-sales service both at the engine plant and on the field.