In a sophisticated market and design context, we have gradually differentiated ourselves from other fastener producers thanks to some distinctive elements, such as:

  • a deep and constantly up to date knowledge of the car market.
  • a deep and constantly up to date knowledge of internal combustion engines, both in terms of their technical aspects and of future trends.
  • Leading edge research and development labs.


The Spirit of Excellence is the foundation for all of our Business Policies

Since 1926, we proudly develop and produce only the Highest Quality components.

In tune with the expectations of our Customers and the needs of the market, we take our research, development and marketing activities to high standards of Product and Service Quality, promoting every sort of activity that may contribute to their improvement, and constantly monitoring the perceived quality, in order to obtain:


In line with the Spirit of Excellence that is the founding block for our policies, we are committed to ensuring the growth of our group and of our companies in a manner that is compatible with the environment and the urban context in which they operate.

With this in mind, we plan our activities and we invest constantly on buildings, installations, equipment and organization, in order to reconcile business growth with the minimum environmental impact level that is technically and economically viable.

Health & Safety Policy

We work to preserve and improve Safety at Work, endeavouring to spread and consolidate a culture of safety, developing risk awareness and encouraging the adoption of responsible behaviour.


Code of Ethics

In the pursuit of our Goals of Excellence, we perform our activities in compliance with the general principles of Fairness and Good Faith, Fair Competition and in Observance of the Law, aspiring to maintain and develop the relationship of trust with all our Stakeholders.

Our Code of Ethics is inspired to the ideal of cooperation with a view to the mutual satisfaction of the parties involved, in respect of the role and of the legitimate interests of each of them.

Conflict Minerals

Brugola OEB Industriale supports the fight against violence, violation of human rights and environmental degradation in the extraction and marketing of certain minerals from the geographic area defined as Conflict Region.

The legislation crafted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), provides that the producers of raw materials declare whether the products manufactured by them contain Conflict Minerals.


Customer satisfaction is for us a primary factor of importance.

The recognition and the appreciation that we are constantly receiving from our Customers for the superior quality of our products and the best service are our greatest inducement in pursuing the objectives of excellence.