People, ideas, great passion, dedication and commitment.

Since 1926 a path of successes and innovations that have marked technological, cultural and qualitative progress.
Our commitment is made of great passion and values, characteristics that allow one to reach the most ambitious goals and dreams.


Through constant innovation, we dedicate ourselves to manufacturing only the highest quality bolts and special fasteners incorporating extremely sophisticated technology, to meet the most stringent applications in the mechanical and engine manufacturing fields with automated assemblies, specialists in the technology of Cold Pressing.


A company born out of an entrepreneur's own revolutionary idea, pioneering vision, and natural aptitude for taking on technical challenges and satisfying the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Pioneers in:

  • introducing the concept of Zero Defects
  • researching and achieving Total Quality
  • introducing the Single Plant Provider concept


An innovative spirit in harmony with the changing times has always been our trademark.

Our constant focus on meeting the continuous and ever changing market demands has pushed us to constantly dedicate ourselves to research and technological development, enabling us to become a reference point for our Customers.

We were first in developing and introducing countless types of products that represent some of the fundamental stages in the history of fasteners, thus earning us unconditioned attestations of undisputed technological supremacy.

We share with our Stakeholders the Values that make us stand out.

We have always firmly believed that through a strong partnership between supplier and user it is possible to achieve significant results and superior quality levels.